How important was the development of regional languages of Pakistan between 1947 and 1999? Explain your answer.

Reason 1: It would help in national unity and give people a sense of pride Binding people together, cultural identity, increase understanding among people and what a nation believes in.
Reason 2: Punjabi, Sindhi, and Pashto played an important role in the independence movement and creation of Pakistan so, it was necessary to promote these languages. Pashto had created opposition to the British rule. Had….vast literature.
Reason 3: Balochi had little development before 1947. Balochi was developed
to bring it at the same level of development as the other regional
languages because it was at the brink of decline at the time of partition.
For example…………. Add any development………..
Reason 4: The literature of these languages played an important role in promoting freedom and independence. It was felt that work done by authors, writers, poets, Sufis should be kept alive. 1948…..Sindi literary board was……….printed books. Bullay Shah………………Jam Darang of Balochistan…………………
Reason 5:Urdu was declared as the national language, therefore, for the people to feel that their provincial language was not being ignored. People from different regions maight not feel that Urdu was being imposed on them.
Reason 6: Many languages played an important role in history for example Pushto literature…………….opposition to the British, increased political awareness among people of NWFP.

Furthermore, to promote Pakistan as a multicultural society that would surely help it to promote its softer image in the global community.

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urdu and regional languages of pakistan


Why was Urdu Chosen as National Language? Strong link to religion: Quran was translated into Urdu by son of Shah Wali Ullah. Many religious books were written in Urdu. And