Nawaz Sharif Nawaz Sharif Why was Nawaz Sharif deposed in 1993? [7]

Why was Nawaz Sharif deposed in 1993? [7]

Nawaz Sharif

There are certain reasons as to why Nawaz Sharif had to be deposed in the year 1993. Some of these reasons have been discussed below.

One of the reasons is the economic instability that followed his tenure. He tried his best to develop Pakistan’s economy, but in the year 1991, an eminent Pakistani bank named the BCCI, was proven as having engaged in widespread fraud and manipulation. As the representative of the state, his image suffered along with Pakistan’s, and investors lost huge sums upon its closing. Many foreign investors were discouraged to invest and[1]  had withdrawn from any economic activity with Pakistan, and so Pakistan had to suffer economically.

Another reason is the violence and damage to culture of Pakistan. Due to the incoming refugees from Afghanistan, Kalashnikovs and drugs like heroine flowed into Pakistan unregulated. These drugs and weapons spread further and damaged Pakistani culture. In 1991, the situation had escalated so far, that Nawaz had to cancel an imperative trip to Japan. These were a result of the rehabilitation and accommodation that Pakistan promised to give to Afghanistan in the situation of war against Russia.

Moreover, his poor relations with the President, Ishaq Khan, also was a step to his deposition. Sharif conflicted openly with the President for a few reasons, mainly the appointment of army officers and the Eighth Amendment to the 1973 constitution. Sharif demanded that his loyal and trustworthy candidates should be placed in any vacant position, and that the eighth amendment should be repealed due to its undemocratic nature. Ishaq Khan refused to both these demands as he saw the amendment as a method to keep check on the Cabinet. This was the most important reason for his deposition, as indeed in 1993 president Ishaq Khan used the amendment to dismiss Nawaz Sharif.

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